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    Vision: Our vision is that all people experiencing gender dysphoria, their families, clinicians, the public, and policy-makers will have access to information that supports informed decision-making.

    Mission: Our mission is to conduct, support and communicate high quality research about gender dysphoria that addresses several current gaps in knowledge and will be useful to individuals experiencing gender dysphoria, their families, clinicians, the public and policy makers. Our research will be informed by the experiences of clinicians, by the experiences of researchers, and by individuals who have experienced gender dysphoria.

    Statement of Independence: The Institute for Comprehensive Gender Dysphoria Research is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, independent organization. We adhere to the highest standards of free inquiry and rigor in the design, conduct and publication of our research. All decisions about the research process and communication of findings will be made solely by ICGDR and will be wholly independent from funders, lobby groups or other outside organizations.

    Please note that ICGDR as an organization does not make recommendations or referrals to clinicians. If you are trying to reach one of our officers or directors, you may do so outside of ICGDR through their individual websites or email addresses.